The Lippolik Conundrum: Book One in The Conundrum Series

by Kami Helm

(270 Page - Young Adult / Sci Fi - Fantasy / Magic)

On the night of Evy Henley’s thirteenth birthday, her life is forever changed. She becomes cursed with strange powers solely because she is a descendant of the Lippoliks. For four generations, the superstitious Lippoliks have lived isolated and hidden, afflicted with odd powers from an untold source.

Evy does not think that her life could get any more complicated, and then, she discovers a kangaroo in the woods with a purple butt. After that, her life spirals into an adventure of unimaginable proportions as her strange encounters get even stranger.

When one of the Lippolik’s own bloodline destroys the country and crowns himself King, Evy will have to unite a family that has isolated themselves for over a century. Together, they will have to battle a great evil who has gathered an army of Snake Pirates looking for trouble and enraged animal spies bent on revenge.

Coming October 16, 2009 - Paperback $14.99

Coming November 16, 2009 - Hardback $25.99




Saving Simon

by Tammy Watson

(486 page - Historical / Suspense / Romance)

Would you save a man’s life if you believed that it meant keeping him safe for the rest of yours? This is the dilemma that Sarah finds herself in. After the murder of her parents, she is raised by an eccentric Chinese man who teaches her that if you ‘snatch’ someone from heaven you interfere with their destiny and must then protect them…forever. This would not be near the trouble if the man she ended up saving were not a British spy. His actions may very well drag England into America’s ‘War Between the States’, which only further complicates her life.

Coming November 1, 2009 - Paperback $19.99



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